Please note:

All poppies from the original installation were sold in 2014 and Paul Cummins Ceramics holds no replacement or excess poppies. Due to both contractual obligations around the project, and the message around Blood Swept and Lands of Red, in that each poppy represents one soldier fallen in the First World War, Paul is unable to replicate the original poppies from the installation for individual sale. Apologies that we cannot help more with this.

If a repair is required: 

Paul Cummins Ceramics is unable to repair poppies that have been damaged. There are a number of ceramic repair companies who may be able to help. Please search for a ceramic repair company and your location using your chosen search engine to find your nearest repair studio.

If the original box or certificate has been misplaced: 

All the original boxes and certificates were issued in 2014, in line with the ordering process and to ensure consistency with the number of poppies in the installation. At the time there were a number of additional boxes and certificates kept in case of any human error or damage.

I’m afraid that, in order to prevent fraudulent duplications or personal, rather than charitable, profit from the sale of any memorabilia around the project, any leftover boxes and certificates were destroyed in 2016.

The washers that hold the poppy onto its ‘stem’ have been misplaced:

Paul Cummins Ceramics does not hold replacement washers for the Tower Poppies. New washers will be available to purchase at your nearest home DIY store. You will need three washers per poppy and they are all different sizes.

Larger washer – 30mm dia x 8mm thick

Thickest washer – 20mm dia x 10mm thick

Medium washer – 15mm dia x 8mm thick

Regarding Wave and Weeping Window and the Poppies Tour of 2015 – 2018: 

The poppy sculptures that were previously on tour by 14-18 NOW are actually two sculptures from the original installation at the Tower of London.

These sculptures and all the poppies within them were bought in their entirety by the Backstage Trust and the Clore Duffield Foundation who have gifted the two sculptures to 14-18 NOW and Imperial War Museums, and intended them to be available for view by the public.

The sculptures, Wave and Weeping Window were toured across the country by 14-18 NOW, the UK’s official arts programme for the First World War centenary, until 2018. As of November 2018, the two sculptures entered into the Imperial War Museums Collection. The poppies from these two sculptures are not, and will not be for sale.

If you are interested in imagery and information about the Poppies Tour from 14-18 NOW and would like to purchase the official book surrounding the project, please visit this link: